Sunday, August 29, 2010

First Post!

         Welcome to my bog! I've loved fashion my whole life, and I find a lot of inspiration from fashion bloggers. I've been meaning to start a blog forever, so here it is!
         I just finished camp at Crafty Couture. Back in May my mom was making me go to a summer camp. I couldn't find any that I liked, so i searched online for fashion camps, and i found Craft Couture! Probably the best camp I've ever been too. We basically just made a ton of jewelry, accessories, and reworked clothing. We also had a fashion illustration class!
My note book. :)

My favorite thing we made! I chose the colours no one else used. The most gorgeous clutch ever!

Head bands. Love the lace one.

Statement necklace

Lovely bracelets that were super easy to make. might do a tutorial.

Vest made out of an old Tee. Yes i know it doesn't match my dress.

My Sketchbook.

I'm not the best artist.

Please check out their website

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