Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Massive Post: Sea of Shoes

I was extremely bored yesterday so I went throw all of sea of shoe's old posts. There are so many amazing outfits that decided to make one big massive post so I have all of my favorite pictures here for me to look through much faster! Here are my absolute favorites:

The PERFECT winter outfit! I would die for those boots and that jacket!
Would ove to run around outside barefoot in this.

Another perfect winter outfit.
I love this cardigan, best one I've ever seen.
Very simple, but still gorgeous.
Perfect way to make a dress warmer and casual. 
A perfect combination

Love the blazer

Perfect airing with the stripped cardigan and blazer. Plus the Ann D boots again.
Very sweet dress
Not something you see people wear to school every day. But I find this is one of my favorite outfits of them all.
I would totally wear this during the summer!
The perfect sweatshirt. I need to find one just like this
Something a very stylish disney princess would wear.
Another one at the top of my list
Her bog was the first I had ever found (thank you teenvogue!), and she is what really got me into high fashion and has inspired me to go a little more out there in what I wear (hehe, that rhymed). Her style has changed so much though. Now she dresses even more out there! But I still love anything that she wears. I wish I could find the courage to wear heels to school the way she does. I also wish I had her shoe collection!

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  1. love every single picture!