Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Favorite TV Shows

A completely non fashion related post. Just wanted to share with you some awesome shows. 

How I Met your Mother. Mainly a comedy. I find it hilarious. Just about a group of quirky friends living in New York. Watch this video about the Slapsgiving day event.

Chuck. One of the best shows ever and it deserves way more viewers. Can't really put it in just one category. It's comedy, drama, action, romance. Chuck was just a nerdy guy who worked at a Buy More (an equivalent to Best Buy) when an old college friend sends him an email that, when opened, downloaded millions of government secrets from all over the world into his brain. He is then forced to become a spy with Casey (a testosterone filled NSA agent), and Sarah (a gorgeous CIA agent that chuck falls for). And Zachary Levi who plays Chuck, I the lead voice in the Disney movie Tangled! Click here fore the best fig scene ever featuring Sarah Walker and Famous Victorias Secret model Karolina Kurkova backstage at a fashion show. Did I mention the number of celebrity guests on the show? Nicole Richie, Rachel Bilson, Jenny McCarthy...

Life Unexpected. Lux was born with a hole in her heart when she was given up for adoption as a newborn. After all her surgeries she was three, and everyone wants a newborn. She was bounced around horrible foster homes with pervy dads a alcoholic moms her whole life. She planned on getting emancipated as soon as she turned sixteen. In order to due so she has to get signatures from both her birth parents. After having an emotional meeting with them, the judge instead releases her into her birth parents care. LOVE the show. Lux is so fire-y I love it! Here is the promo for the next episode that I can't wait for! 

The Vampire Diaries. The storyline is so complicated I can't write it, it would take hours. Just watch it.

Bones is like CSI but it's hilarious. That's it.

Leave me a comment with your favorite shows!


  1. I love love love Chuck! I was so happy when it came back - you're right, more people should watch it!

    <3 Alison

  2. @Alison It was originally cancelled after the second season! But So TONS of viewers bought loads of sandwiches at subway, the shows sponsor, that they had to bring it back! Thanks for leaving a comment Alison!

  3. Hey, I'm from Toronto too. if you are as into fashion as you say you are,
    you should check out the blackmarket on Queens street. For any local shopping or styling advice give me a shout, I will be happy to help!

  4. ooh! I'll try to check it out! Thanks for the tip!