Monday, January 3, 2011

Vintage Seventeen Magazine

So cute! The very first issue. 

Love this cover. That girl looks so cute.

Love the outfit and hair. 

It's twiggy as a teen!

LOVE this cover. The matching bikini and vest are amazing.

Brooke Shields at 13.

Brooke shields at 18. 

Milla Jocovich, then model, at 13. 

Cameron Diaz, also a then model, at 15 (?). 

I love clueless! Even now Paul Rudd is a hottie. 

Reese at 19!

These are so cool! it's so weird to think that our parents and grand parents were reading seventeen like we (we'll not me but most of the girls my age) are!

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  1. Cindy, Cosmic Delights is excellent! I'll say it's even weirder that your parents and grandparents are STILL reading (vintage) Seventeen magazines over at my corbyfans website where the members and visitors are many and I load up the site monthly with lots of pics from each issue of vintage Seventeen magazines (especially the 1960's issues). Since you luv the film Romeo and Juliet (1968) you'd probably like the clothes inspired by that film shown in the "Seventeen, 9/1968" album. Just click on "1968 daisy award" in the TAGS section on the opening page of the website at Multiply. It'll take you to the album. Keep up the good work at Cosmic Delights! --Warmest wishes, AngoraSox